Weight Loss Rants

Weight loss is so very hard. I had lost 110 pounds by last June. I was officially no longer overweight and only had 20 pounds left to lose to get back to my normal weight. But instead of losing more, I decided to gain 20 pounds back between then and now. (And am overweight again…) Now I have 40 pounds to lose, and I’d like to do it before May 7 if I can. (May 7 is the Kentucky Derby, and that day is basically a holiday to me because I have a Lilly Pulitzer Kentucky Derby dress and pink monogrammed hat, plus, I love days with signature drinks!)

My Lilly Pulitzer Kentucky Derby dress (Just Add Mint Leandra)

I realize that doesn’t give me very long, so I’d be satisfied if I could meet my goal of 40 pounds by June 1. Or even July 4. That’s VERY hopeful thinking, but way more realistic than May 7.

Of course, if I hadn’t gone from 115-120 pounds to 250+ pounds (I consider 250 my highest weight since I refused to weigh myself when I weighed more than that, but the truth is, it was probably closer to 285) to begin with, I wouldn’t even have to lose this weight!

And if I don’t reach my goal (which is 120)… well, that’s okay. I can wear a different dress in a size up, and I’ll wear my Kentucky Derby dress next year. And maybe I’ll meet my goal by June 1. Or July 4. And I can wear Lilly Pulitzer dresses the rest of the summer long… that’s the dream…

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